Feb 252010

Modafinil For Sale, Aminul was the first one in the class to report a problem with the York blog installation, though I was getting reports about problems from faculty as early as noon on Thursday.

The problem is "dashboard" access, online buy Modafinil without a prescription, Modafinil coupon, and a host of other things.We mostly care about "dashboard" access right now.

It stinks, Modafinil trusted pharmacy reviews, Modafinil used for, but there's an easy workaround for now. Please relax, Modafinil natural. Modafinil wiki,

What I know

  1. We use a plugin for WordPress called BuddyPress. BuddyPress creates social network functionality for the entire system.  We have been trying to upgrade that plugin for about 2 months now.

  2. For some reason we managed the upgrade on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, buy Modafinil online cod, Where can i find Modafinil online, and not all of the functionality came along with the new version.

  3. Dashboard functionality via dropdown menu is gone right now, the blogs aren't all showing, Modafinil australia, uk, us, usa, Where can i buy cheapest Modafinil online, and neither are the groups.  Bummer!

What you can do

  1. You can still get to the dashboard using the classic WordPress approach. Think of it as going old school!

  2. Find your blog in the system and get it displayed in your browser.

  3. Click into the URL (web address) in the browser so you can add a little text to the URL

  4. Add "wp-admin" to the URL.

  5. Login again if you get the login prompt

  6. Find your dashboard!

For example, Modafinil blogs, Modafinil from canada, the dashboard login page for my own blog is "http://michaeljcripps.com/384blogsp10/wp-admin/"

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