Current Courses

Here’s where you’ll find any courses I’m currently teaching.

English Composition (ENG 110 G) – Spring 2016
ENG 110 G - spring 2016.
An introduction to active and critical reading, and to academic, source-based writing. Students work to analyze and to synthesize ideas in readings, and to develop their own positions on these ideas. Students write for each class meeting. While some of that writing is collected and graded, much of it is preparation for class or for formal paper assignments. Classes are discussion based, involving both collaborative small group work and brief presentations. Peer review is integral to the course.  4.000 Credit hours
Digital Humanities Faculty Seminar – Spring 2016
Spring 2016 DH Faculty Seminar.
This is the third grant-funded iteration of the seminar. Although this course is called a “Digital Humanities Faculty Seminar,” it actually brings together the digital humanities (DH) and digital literacies. With a reasonably healthy dose of some of the conceptual debates and developments in DH, the seminar engages faculty in both the humanities and social sciences in important questions involving knowledge, meaning making, and the technologies of DH. It’s ultimate focus, though, is on revising curricula to embed digital engagement in general education courses in the humanities and social sciences. As such, it also engages with a range of frameworks and tools to cultivate digital literacy through project-based work. This seminar, funded in part by a generous grant from the Davis Educational Foundation, offers faculty either a course reassignment for the course or overload compensation. In the year following the seminar, faculty implement their digitally inflected course redesign, assess the outcomes, and appear together on a panel to present their work to the campus community.