Linux, CUPS, and Printer Drivers

My home office desktop, an AMD64/WinXP MediaCenter box, suffered a horrible crash back in March. After extracting the HDD and recovering as much of the data as I could (mostly family photos), I reinstalled XP over and over. I could never get Win to actually boot, and so I gave it the boot.

I installed Ubuntu 8.1, a beautiful interface that makes the addition of open source apps soooo easy. But I had been unable to make the OS play nice with my Brother printer, a real pain.

Being new to Linux – and pretty new to Apple as well – I was very much unaware of CUPS. All that changed today. I logged into CUPS on my machine by pointing my browser to and logging in. I was able to uninstall the failed install of the drivers for the Brother machine, then reinstall. Boom! Working printer. No CD/DVD to load.

If only I could get the scanner to work with the same level of ease!  From what I can tell, I need to get right into the CLI to make that happen.  I’ve tried on and off over about 2 weeks, all without success.

Brother has the support information, and there’s lots of help in the linux community.  But the support presumes a level of unix command knowledge that  I simply lack at this point. Not so fun right now.