WAC Professional Development @ Hostos CC/CUNY

Art at Hostos Community College, CUNY

The second day of panels in the CUNY WAC Writing Fellows Professional Development series went very well.  With 3 panel presentations and 5 concurrent sessions in the afternoon, Fellows had plenty of choice as they considered which discussions about Faculty-Writing Fellow partnerships relevant to their local campus work.

Since we were at Hostos, and since I have tremendous respect for Linda Hirsch’s work as WAC Coordinator at CUNY’s bi-lingual college, I opted to attend the workshop that featured Linda, some of her Writing Fellows, and faculty collaborators at Hostos Community College. I’m glad I did.

Linda packed the workshop/panel with faculty from Hostos who had worked with Fellows.  It was very good for me to hear about faculty members’ own anxieties in sharing their assignments and course plans with others.  It really underscored the way that a Faculty-Fellow partnership is a kind of leap of faith for both parties, as well as the importance of building trust over time.



Nancy Aries, Interim University Dean for Undergraduate Education, & Cheryl Smith, Associate Professor & Faculty Coordinator of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program, Baruch College

Panel Presentations – The Faculty/Fellow Partnership: Unique Approaches and Outcomes

  • Facilitating Active Learning: Effective Strategies for Conducting a Staged Research Paper (David Palazzo, Writing Fellow, Bronx Community College, Janet Heller, Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Wellness, Bronx Community College)
  • Classroom Collaborations: Creating WID Resources by and for Faculty and Fellows
    (Karen Gregory, Teaching & Learning Fellow at the Office of General Education, Queens College, Thomas Meacham, Writing Fellow, LaGuardia Community College, Michele Pacht, Associate Professor of English, LaGuardia Community College)

Concurrent Workshops

  • When Your Faculty Member is an Entire Department (Lauren Jade Martin, Writing Fellow, Baruch College, David Parsons, Writing Fellow, Baruch College, Diana Rickard, Senior Communication Fellow at the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute, Baruch College
  • Stealth Pedagogy: Encouraging Professors to Adopt WAC Practices (Jennifer Russo, Writing Fellow, Brooklyn College, Siobhan Cooke, Writing Fellow, Brooklyn College)
  • The Potential and Peril of Faculty-Fellow Collaboration: Using the Reflective Cover Letter (Stephanie Jeanjean, Writing Fellow, Queensborough Community College, Leonard Finkelman, Writing Fellow, Queensborough Community College, Carl Lindskoog, Writing Fellow, Queensborough Community College)
  • Faculty/Fellow Collaboration: Making It Work (Linda Hirsch, Professor of English & WAC Co-coordinator, Hostos Community College,Andrea Fabrizio, Assistant Pr ofessor of English & WAC Co-coordinator, Hostos Community College, Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences, Hostos Community College, Eunice Flemister, Assistant Professor of Education, Hostos Community College, Jerilyn Fisher, Professor of English, Hostos Community College, Adriana Perez, Writing Fellow, Hostos Community College, Paul McBreen, Former Writing Fellow, Hostos Community College)
  • Building a Collaboration for the “Build-Your-Own-City” Assignment (Cindy R. Lobel, Assistant Professor of History, Lehman College, Carla Dubose, WAC Faculty Development Associate and former Writing Fellow, Lehman College)