Deep Winter in Smith Preserve

As I suspected in the fall, Smith Preserve is a beautiful, local winter getaway. The trails are frequented by cross country skiers and hikers alike, and it is a beautifully quiet place to spend an hour or two. I strapped on snowshoes a couple weeks ago during a deep freeze.  I found solitude, crisp air, and frozen streams.


This week I took another late afternoon/early evening hike in Smith.  As I rounded the bend on a loop I’ve been taking an owl flew right across the trail, landing in a tree about 50′ from the trail and 20′ off the ground.

I dropped my poles and headed off into the woods to see if I could get a closer look.  Amazing! The owl was both completely aware of my presence the whole time and undisturbed by my effort to get close.  I stood under the owl and we stared at each other.  I took about a half dozen pictures with my phone, though darkness was beginning to set in and so it was tough to get a nice shot.

Smith Preserve is proving to be a really sweet spot. It’s halfway between home and office, and it’s position on the commute makes it ideal for a quick trip into the woods.