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Mountain Biking on Mt. A

This is my second attempt at a POV video of a Mount Agamenticus ride. The first attempt involved a great 25-degree cold weather ride, but the cam was pointed at the ground and one could get no perspective.  On this second attempt, I tried to get the cam mounted in a better position.  Things start out ok, but the duct tape/bubble gum rig I have set up just seems unable to hold the cam in the right position. All the bouncing over rocks doesn't help.

The audio for this video is courtesy of Youtube's Audio Swap feature. Apparently, I wasn't careful enough with fair use in dropping in my own music; Youtube graciously deleted the audio associated with my original before publishing the project. (Thanks, I think.)

The Rig

HTC Evo mounted to a plastic lightswitch cover using zip ties and o-rings. That apparatus is then mounted to the decent quality helmet mount for my night light rig. But the weight of the phone seems to be too much for the little adjustment hinge on the night light rig.

The Ride

I like this challenging little ride. The first part involves a decent climb up the west side of Mt. A, and around to the north. It's mostly a wide double-track, but there are plenty of decent boulders, slippery wet washouts, and some serious roots to ride. On a dry day it's 100% doable, provided you've got the legs and lungs to take it. In the video, it's pretty clear that things are very wet and loose. The decaying leaves complicate matters by hiding the treacherous stuff that'll cause the rear wheel to give way, the front end to stall on a big root, or worse.

The video doesn't capture the ride to the summit because I skipped that part of the ride that day. It does capture the easterly descent from Mt. A and over to Second Hill. That's a hairy downhill section with some sizable 2' drops off boulders that head right into a tangled nest of roots and loose rocks, followed by some nice technical switchbacks that head to Porcupine and Second Hill.

The ascent of Second Hill is another good little workout that's about 95% doable, at least when it's mostly dry. I've done this hill about 15 times and I have yet to pull up the last little piece of rock to get clear to the summit.  Mostly, it's because it's a near vertical face, but there's also the thigh burn to contend with by that point. Descending Second Hill on the north side is a fun section because it isn't quite as rocky and root-infested as so much of the other hills, at least until you get near the bottom. At the bottom, there's a pretty serious washout and root-laden section that'll draw some blood if a tire slips out at the wrong time. In the video, there's a nice foot-deep puddle marking the end of the descent. I'm sure some folks have wiped out there and gotten wet. Thankfully, I've avoided that problem.

There's some nice, somewhat challenging up and down riding on the way back over to Mt. A, and I actually wish there were more of that sort of terrain on my ride. And then it's a good backtrack up the mountain and down the northwest side to the parking lot.