Google Apps for Education – Migrating Email & Calendar

We’re a “Groupwise” institution that is also a Google Apps for Education school. Over the last two years, I have been forwarding Groupwise email and calendar data over to a personal/professional Google account not associated with my school. On top of that, I actually like to use my mail and calendar clients to handle most of my reading and scheduling. Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I really like the off-line access.

This has been quite clunky, mostly because it has meant that I need to manage multiple data streams and not all of them clearly line up. And sometimes my outgoing mail gets sent “from” the wrong account and I get what amounts to peanut butter in my chocolate. But I recently learned that we’re going to move off Groupwise and simply embrace GMail and Google Calendar. Time to act!


Adding the requisite “GMail” account information to Mail has been fairly simple. I just added a new account. I’ll need to do a whole lot of pruning as I complete my migration since I have now effectively doubled my inbound email traffic with the migration. (Not fun, but straightforward.)


I already use iCal to manage multiple calendars, and the family uses sharing to help keep the various work, child activities, and social events in what amounts to a single place. It seemed like it would be easy to set up the new Google calendar. Not so fast.

It turns out that one has to use the correct server information in order to get the Apps for Education calendar to play nice with iCal. IT couldn’t help me because “iCal isn’t supported” by IT at this time. Google to the rescue. If you’re struggling to get your Google Calendar to talk to iCal, check out the instructions:

I’ve done this set up with a couple other Google calendars, so I’m not sure why I couldn’t remember the “special” instructions.

Now it’s onto tweaking forwarding options within Groupwise.