The Most Interesting Man Alive?

I was watching TV with the kids one evening and a Dos Equis commercial came on.  You know the series featuring “the most interesting man alive.” Anyway, there’s an ad in this series featuring what appears to be a younger “most interesting man.” When we saw the commercial the kids noticed that the guy looked like me.

I took it as an opportunity to play a joke on them. I insisted that I had indeed done the commercial.  It’s ridiculous, unbelievable, and yet almost credible.

[qt: 480 292]

I’m not sure what I think about the narration that accompanies the clip.

Snow Fort in a Blizzard


Snow day all around! The call was for 6-20″ of snow in the NY Metro area.  I think we had perhaps 6″, though it was probably more like 4. But the college closed its doors for the day, and so did the kids’ school.

I managed to get out of the office, away from the computer, and into the backyard for an hour or two to help the kids build a monster snow fort. It looks a little like a white chocolate Hershey’s Kiss from the front and it stands about 7 feet tall at the peak.

The snow was pretty wet and heavy, which perhaps explains the limited accumulation and our ability to shape a fort out of it using giant snowman-like snowballs.

Nate in the fort, as seen through the window

The great thing about winter is that it brings out the kid in everyone, or it should. We didn’t hit the sledding hill today because of the roads and the wind, though we talked about it.

The challenge with a snow project on this scale is the cold and the kids’ interest. Snowball-fight breaks and general shenanigans help a lot. But by the time the fort was built we were pretty much ready to head in to warm up! And then it was back upstairs to the desk for me.