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Each of our 4 formal papers will go through a two-draft process. You are expected to do your best on each draft. Failure to take seriously the first draft will mean a reduction in your final grade for a given paper. Late first drafts mean a 1/2 letter reduction on a final draft grade; late final drafts are subject to a full letter grade reduction per day.

Formal Paper 1 - Making Meaning in Work (Ehrenreich & Laffey)
-First Draft Due 2/19 - 3 full pages, typed
-Final Draft Due 2/26 - 4 full pages, typed

Formal Paper 2 - Where is the American Dream? (Ehrenreich, Laffey & Kamber)
-First Draft Due 3/9
-Final Draft Due 3/18

Formal Paper 3 - The Power of Language (Tan & Baldwin)
-First Draft Due 4/20
-Final Draft Due 4/27

Formal Paper 4 - Education, Language, and Social Mobility (Richards, Tan, Baldwin)
-First Draft Due 5/6
-Final Draft Due 5/18


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