English 384:PQQ - Writing for Electronic Media (Spring 2009)
Michael J. Cripps, Ph.D.

Software or Interface Review

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Each of us is responsible for trying out, testing, and reviewing one software or interface tool that we're not using in the class. Choose a tool that is like one we're actually using, but a little different. This effort will help you see the commonalities across tools, and will get you thinking about the tool(s) you most prefer.

Choose a Blog tool, a Website (HTML) Editor, a Photo/Image Editor, or a Wiki tool.

Your Task

  1. Pick a new-to-you tool and spend some time learning how it works. Download the software if necessary. Here are some ideas:
    • Free blog tools abound - Wordpress.com, Blog.com, Aeonity.com, Tblog.com, and there are others
    • Website (HTML) editors - Amaya is an open source editor like Dreamweaver, and it's free; Nvu is another; there are more
    • Image editing - GimpShop is a free, open source mod of GIMP that works like Photoshop; there's also GIMP; and you can try Photoshop Elements (photoshop light) free for 30 days; there are many others out there
    • Wiki tools breed like rabbits - Wikidot, Wikyblog, and Wikispaces are just a few tools out there
  2. Write up a good review of its features. Be sure to draw some comparisons between your reviewed tool and our own tool. (I recommend including screenshots; a video review is also permitted, though be sure to have a script to work from.) You can look at others' reviews and acknowledge them in your own review; but DO YOUR review
  3. Give the class a brief, 5-7 minute presentation of the tool
  4. Add the review to the Portfolio area of your website


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