English 384:PQQ - Writing for Electronic Media (Spring 2009)
Michael J. Cripps, Ph.D.

Tip, Trick, or Tut

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Each of us is responsible for feeding the class some practical help on some aspect of the software/interface tools we're using. There's no time like the present to get serious about sharing what you know with the class.

Your Task

  1. Pick one of our tools (Blogger, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Mediawiki). Identify something interesting, important, or cool that you discovered or learned. Write up the cool feature as a tip, trick, or tutorial so someone else can learn from it. Here are some ideas:
    • Can you control the youtube videos coming into your blog using the Gadgets? Why would you do this? How can you do this?
    • How might you separate a page from its Dreamweaver template and customize it so it becomes a home page that is distinct from (and visually connected to) the other pages on the site?
    • Is there a cool Photoshop tool that we're not yet talking about? What's the tool and how might it be used?
  2. "Write up" your tip, trick, or tut in step-by-step fashion. Options:
    • Write a text-based tutorial, and consider relevant screen captures from the tool.
    • Make a video tutorial or screencast
  3. Give the class a brief, 3-5 minute lesson on the tip, trick, or tut
  4. Add the tutorial to the Portfolio area of your website


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