English 384:PQQ - Writing for Electronic Media (Spring 2009)
Michael J. Cripps, Ph.D.

Blogger Template - Individual Blog Project Mini-Assignment

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When you created your personal blog, one of the steps invited you to select what Blogger calls a "Template" for your blog.

The template gives your blog a certain style or theme. We didn't worry much about the template at first because we wanted to get blogging. Also, textual-visual connections require a topic around which they can cohere. I wanted us to get our blogs going before we played too much with their look. But you do need to consciously select a template, theme, or look for your blog. I expect that you'll customize it as the term progresses. (It's your blog, not mine.)

Your Task

  1. Choose a template for your blog and do some work to customize it. (Need help? View our Screencast and/or follow Pulsed's Layout Tutorial in Blog Help, all available in Resources!)
  2. Visit our Course Blog. Find the Blog Themes post, and post a comment on your theme choice. Be sure to link to your blog, tell us what you customized, and explain why you decided to do it!
  3. Revisit your blog theme in the coming weeks as you learn more about graphics and coding. You can customize a header graphic, style your background with images, and more. In fact, you can even go "off" Blogger to find additional, great Blogger templates. (It's your blog, not mine!)

Individual Blog Project

Don't like the look? Restyle!
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