English 384:PQQ - Writing for Electronic Media (Spring 2009)
Michael J. Cripps, Ph.D.

Streetsigns, Breadcrumbs, and the Trunk Test

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We've read Steve Krug's "Streetsigns and Breadcrumbs" chapter. Right? And you have a working, if basic personal website already up on the web. This should be easy.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about layout and navigation in web development.

This assignment requires you to have a partner (or partners).

Your Task

  1. Re-read Krug's Streetsigns and Breadcrumbs (on reserve!)
  2. Work with your partner on the first part of Krug's Trunk Test at the end of the chapter. Do those four websites he gives us, and talk it through with your partner(s).
  3. Now go to the internet and pick 3 any three commercial websites. Together with your partner(s), perform Krug's Trunk Test on those sites.
  4. Together with your partner, look at the websites you're building. Apply the Trunk Test to these sites.
  5. Write up a list of 4-6 things you now think are important in navigation, bring it to class, and be prepared to hand it in.

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