English 384:PQQ - Writing for Electronic Media (Spring 2009)
Michael J. Cripps, Ph.D.

Design Sketch for Personal Website

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We have looked at six general layouts for a personal website. We took some time to explore the ways websites use these layouts. You should consider which general layout you'd like for your personal website.

Your Task

  1. Grab your partner and spend 30 minutes looking through the featured non-Flash websites at Cool Home Pages. Talk about what you find.
  2. Take notes on the sites you like, and their features. Look at navigation, layout, use of graphics, and colors.
  3. Get a general sense of what YOU WANT your website to look/feel like.
  4. Head over to the course's web templates in common layouts in the Resources area of the course site and choose a starting layout from the 6 options. (Don't feel locked into the colors you see. Confused? Go to CSS Zen Garden and see how a basic webpage can be re-styled in hundreds of ways. Free your mind.)
  5. Take a sheet of notebook paper and sketch out your initial website idea. Get crayons, markers, or colored pencils to add some color. (Not sure about color? Get excellent help with the Color Scheme Designer tool.)

Bring to class the notes you took, your decision for a web template, and your sketch. Be prepared to make a brief presentation that uses Williams & Tollett's "Basic Design Principles" (reserve reading) as a way to describe your goals with the design!


Don't like the look? Restyle!
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