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Current Courses

LIL 120 A - Introductory Arts and Humanities Seminar - Fall 2022

LIL 120 A, Fall 2022, Header Graphic.

The Introductory Arts and Humanities Seminar introduces students to questions about the place of the arts, humanities, and communication in a life well lived, in the university, and in the broader society. How do we make sense of the world through art and literature? How does familiarity with history help us place current events in a meaningful context? What concepts and terms do we use to arrive at our moral, ethical, aesthetic, and religious values? How might we communicate that meaning and those concerns to others in oral, written, and visual ways? Students participate in small group work, regular reading and writing, engaging discussions, and campus events. Over the term, they develop an academic ePortfolio, where they collect, select, and reflect on their learning. Throughout the class, students work closely with faculty and peers to critically examine the place of the liberal arts in higher education, relate their own goals to the curriculum, and become active participants in the School of Arts and Humanities. 3.000 Credit hours.

FYS 110 C - GUST First Year Seminar - Fall 2022

Screenshot of Header Image for FYS 110C - Fall 22.

The GUST First-Year Seminar (FYS) welcomes students to UNE and helps them transition from high school into their new roles as engaged, resourceful, and responsible college learners. Coming together in small groups, students work closely with faculty, peer mentors, and each other to learn about the CAS/undergraduate curriculum, discover and refine their individual academic goals and interests, respectfully engage with new ideas and different perspectives, and situate themselves within the vibrant, diverse terrain of higher education. Through small group interactions in class, exploration of the campus environment and resources, participation in campus cultural events, regular reading and writing, and the creation of an academic ePortfolio, students develop the practices of work and habits of mind that ensure an enriching academic experience and a lifetime of curiosity and learning. 3.000 Credit hours.