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CMM 225 A - Topics in Digital Storytelling: Podcasts - Spring 2023

The practices of digital storytelling bring the digital creation tools of the current age together with the varied traditions of storytelling. Digital storytelling connects the creative energies of the author-artist to the digital media techniques through which the artist expresses their creativity. Students in the course will exercise their creative energy in telling stories digitally as they develop their ability to use relevant digital (hardware and software) tools. Digital storytelling encompasses storytelling through sound, video, image, the intersection of word and image, and more. Accordingly, it lends itself well to the topics-based approach. This course meets the Creative Arts Experience requirement in the Core and will fulfill an elective requirement in the Art and Design Media major, the Communications major, and the Writing Minor. 3.000 cr.

“Topics in Digital Storytelling: Podcasts” focuses on the techniques involved in telling engaging audio stories: Story structure, interviewing, sound capture, mixing, and editing. Students will work individually and collaboratively to pitch and produce a variety of shorter- and longer-form audio stories.