5-7 Ideas for Opinion/Analysis Project

Due: November 13

Medium is a relatively new web publishing platform that puts the emphasis on longer form opinion/analysis writing. It is something of the anti-Twitter in that way.

Time on task: 30-60 minutes

Your Task

  • Identify at least five ideas for contributions you might make to Medium. (For now, don’t worry so much about how the idea ties in with anything we’ve read!)
  • Start from what you know or from what interests you.
  • Totally lost?  Spend 15 minutes (yes, 15 minutes!) scrolling through the “Top stories” in Medium.
  • Not totally lost but unsure if your ideas are any good? Use Medium’s search tool to see how others have approached some of your ideas. (Come up empty in search? Follow a friend’s guidelines for searching Medium.
  • Post your ideas as a reply here.

An Example

  • Let’s say that I’m interested in steel roadbikes from the 1980s.
  • I know a little about these things and own a few, though I’m no expert and I’m not really a collector.
  • Medium search yields a collection called “Vintage Bicycles.” Who knew? There aren’t many articles in the collection. This might be a collection to get published in, should I write an article that fits.
  • I use the “Don’t Let Medium Search Get You Down” tips and run an advanced Google search. It turns up 82 results in Medium.com, including another collection called Medium Bicycles.
  • I skim through some of the articles in my Google results and in both these collections, and I get an idea to fulfill this assignment.
  • There’s an ’80s movie called Breaking Away that’s set in the college town of Bloomington, Indiana, and cycling is one of the threads that runs through the film. I can pair my interest in old steel road bikes with the issue of college OR the tension that plays out in the film as it leads up to the climax of a bike race that’s a tradition at the school. One idea down in about five minutes of thinking and search.
  • Later, after a little thinking, I decide that Nathan might be a way to think about this. I also think that perhaps Gee’s ideas might give me a way to write about the tension in the film. I begin to look online and in a library database to see what might be written about the representation of college or the tension in the film. I also add the film to my Netflix queue so I can watch it again.

15 thoughts on “5-7 Ideas for Opinion/Analysis Project”

  1. Jeremy Longchamp


    ENG 110S

    5-7 Thoughts on Medium
    1. What soccer has taught me?
    2. Why do we snowboard?
    3. Why do we search for adrenaline?
    4. Why are rappers idolized?
    5. Why isn’t fighting an appropriate way to settle issues?
    6. What it means to be tough?
    7. How cheating is an essential part of 21st century education?
    8. Why PEDs should be legalized?

  2. Jeremy Longchamp


    ENG 110

    5-7 Thoughts on Medium
    1. What soccer has taught me?
    2. Why do we snowboard?
    3. Why do we search for adrenaline?
    4. Why are rappers idolized?
    5. Why isn’t fighting an appropriate way to settle issues?
    6. What it means to be tough?
    7. How cheating is an essential part of 21st century education?
    8. Why PEDs should be legalized?

  3. 1. why we need to learn from our mistakes
    2. why helping others can be considered cheating now
    3. what dual citizenship has given me
    4. are college students who go home every weekend at a disadvantage?
    5. individual shops (ex. bakery) vs. chain stores (ex. hannafords)
    6. homelessness
    7. peer pressure

  4. Jessica Mikaelian
    1.Discourse of cheating in College vs High school
    2.How power posing could be useful as a college freshman
    3.Nathans methods vs other methods used when trying to get data from colleges
    4. Enculturation and apprenticeship, is a student actually in the Discourse of their major before they have an internship?
    5. There are different categories of Discourses (that Nathan identifies) in college, is that true in High school too? Is it different? The same?

  5. Joonho Han
    Michael Cripps
    English 110-S

    5-7 medium ideas

    1. How has playing sports effected my life?
    2. What has being in ROTC taught me?
    3. What being a Freshman is really like.
    4. How can being an athlete change your life?
    5. Why isn’t Soccer or “Football” respected as much in the United States?

  6. Alex Chamberland
    Professor Cripps
    ENG 110 S

    1. The role of co-curricular activities in school.
    2. Is regular attendance always necessary for college classes?
    3. The thrill of skiing.
    4. The importance of pets/animals to students.
    5. Learning from traveling.
    6. The importance of family.
    7. Having a happy place to be at peace.
    8. A favorite movie or movie character and how it relates to college and/or discourses.


    1. How has cross country effected my life and what have i learned from it?
    2. Why do the words we choose effect how others view us?
    3. What causes us to run fast on some days and slow on others?
    4. Does peer pressure happen more often in college
    5. Racism?

  8. 5-7 medium ideas

    1) How would a team improve if they did a 2 minute power pose before games?
    2) Does a homeschooled student get as good of an education as a regular student? (apprenticeship)
    3) How does one get into the Discourse of a college freshmen?
    4) What has being on a team taught me?
    5) How does traveling help a person become immersed in other cultures?

  9. 1. Hands on experience vs class room education.
    2. How Bain’s concepts are most useful to the college student.
    3. Why exercise is a good way to relieve stress.
    4. Why am I hungry all the time?
    5. Human impact on the earth.
    6. The idea of social media actually making us less social.

  10. 1. What living in Maine has taught me?
    2. Why students cheat in college?
    3. How soccer impacted my life?
    4. Why do some perform well under pressure?
    5. Does social media make us less social?
    6. Why is soccer looked down upon in the U.S.

  11. 1. What freshman year of college has taught me
    2. Why is today’s pop music so awful?
    3. College vs the real world
    4. Hipsters
    5. The over emphasis on internships and extra curriculars
    6. No Shave November
    7. Hypocrisy in America
    8. How a long distance relationship can actually be beneficial

  12. Christopher LeTourneau
    ENG 110S

    *Coping with learning disabilities in college
    *The importance of family when away at college
    *How track and field has impacted my transition into college
    *How having a hobby or an outlet be essential for succeeding
    *Video games help learning

  13. 1. All-star cheer leading, the type no one sees
    2. Stereotypes of pageants
    3. Expectations of college vs actual college
    4. What I learned my freshman year (kind of ties into 3)
    5. What figure skating taught me
    6. Volunteering

  14. 1. Hands on learning vs. textbook learning.
    2. Learning with a disability.
    3. Depression.
    4. How certain relationships help you grow.
    5. How staying positive improves your life.
    6. Social media.
    7. Why people look for adrenaline rushes.

  15. 5-7 Medium ideas

    1.) Ice hockey and how it’s shaped my life
    2.) Where social media went wrong (cyberbullying vs connecting to others)
    3.) Coping with life when you need to be strong
    4.) Since when did becoming an”overachiever” have such a negative connotation?
    5.) The food industry
    6.) Feminism
    7.) Why our image matters so much to others

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