Begin Opinion/Analysis Project

Due: November 11
Entire Project Due: 3 Published Pieces by December 11
First  Article Due: November 18

Time on Task: 35.25 minutes (once you’ve read the assignment)

Review the Opinion/Analysis Project Contours/Criteria as Google Doc

Your Task

  1. Visit my collection called “Medium Essentials.” This is a group of articles I pulled together to provide people new to Medium with some quick, basic introduction to elements of this exciting new tool. (If you have a basic technical or style question, this collection is your first stop.)
  2. Read “Why Medium Essentials” and “How to Start Writing.” These articles explain the purpose of my collection and walk you through getting an account and getting started. (2 minutes of reading.)
  3. Create an account at “How to Start Writing” explains how. (15-20 seconds of work.)
  4. Read the following three additional articles in the “Medium Essentials” collection: Medium Rules; Medium Best Practices; and Writing. (9 minutes of reading.)
  5. Write a brief (100-250 word) article about an idea for the first Opinion/Analysis paper. Use at least three of the tools described in “Writing.” Do Not Publish the Article. (15-20 minutes of work.)
  6. Use the “share draft” button in the upper-right corner of the story page to share it with  Cripps. (5 seconds.)

Can’t Think of Anything to Write About? Some Ideas

  • Use some of Nathan’s ideas to do YOUR OWN take on the culture of college. The best way to do this is to pick a specific practice or activity to help you focus.  Details become really important in your analysis.  This approach can work well because you know college life at UNE. Be sure to engage some source (popular, scholarly, textual, visual, etc.) to help provide textual evidence for the project.
  • Examine the Discourse of something you know really, really well. We’re all expert at something. Use Gee to help you develop your analysis of the marks between a novice and an expert in that thing you know so well. Find a good additional source to help you draw a relationship.
  • Write about some specific “big mistake” you’ve made as a college student, consider whether it’s a Bain-like “expectation failure,” and use it to analyze the difficulties involved in actually changing thinking or behavior when faced with such failures. A source can help you put your mistake in the context of college student mistakes.
  • Have you ever power posed outside the confines of our class? Do you think it actually “feels” like you get more powerful through the posing? Did it help you through the difficulty? Why? Why not? Use Cuddy and do a little (re)search to find a source where someone reports on the effectiveness of Cuddy’s strategy.

Still anxious? Here are some projects students completed in prior terms:

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