Opinion/Analysis Project – Getting Started with Medium

Due: By November 15

This is a twenty-minute assignment intended to get you “started” on the opinion/analysis project.

Your Task

  1. Visit my collection called “Medium Essentials.” This is a group of articles I pulled together to provide people new to Medium with some quick, basic introduction to elements of this exciting new tool.
  2. Read “Why Medium Essentials” and “How to Start Writing.” These articles explain the purpose of my collection and walk you through getting an account and getting started.
  3. Create an account at Medium.com. (“How to Start Writing” explains how.)
  4. Read the following three additional articles in the “Medium Essentials” collection: Medium Rules; Medium Best Practices; and Writing. Together, these amount to about 9 minutes of reading.
  5. Write a brief (250-word) article introducing some initial thoughts about this project. Use at least three of the tools described in “Writing.” Do Not Publish the Article.
  6. Use the “share draft” button in the upper-right corner of the story page to share it with both Cripps and your group members.
  7. Post “Done” as a reply to this page.

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