Profile & Video Introduction Assignment

Due: August 30

Time on Task: 20-30 minutes

Every writer needs a profile, a relatively brief, memorable description of his or her background, interests, and ambitions. As we’ll mostly know each other as “masked” persons, we’ll use a brief video introduction to pull down the mask a bit!

Think about your digital identity. How do you want to represent yourself to others?

Your profile should be relatively short (but not too short), somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-10 sentences. Do not spend more than 30 minutes on this assignment.

We’re going to use Google Docs and Youtube for this assignment, so we can get comfortable with those digital tools. (Need some help with Google Docs? See my GoogleDocs Quickstart Guide.)

Your Task

  • Using your UNE Google account, create a Google Doc profile for our class website. You might describe some interests, hobbies, your career plans, etc. Proofread, please.
  • Share your Profile Google Doc with Cripps ( by the start of class.
  • Share (by email link to Cripps) a brief (30-60 second) Youtube video introducing yourself to members of the class. Let your personality show! Your UNE Google Apps account includes a Youtube account, but feel free to use any Google account you want. (This is so easy that “I can’t do it” cannot be an excuse. Here’s one site with help: You CAN make it Public or Unlisted in your settings. We’ll put it into the password-protected Students page. (If you’re truly, really uncomfortable with a video introduction, you may send me a photo or avatar for the Students page.)
  • Email Cripps ( to indicate that you’re done, and include the link to your Youtube video introduction. Oh, and since we’ll all soon need to be professional in all our communications, let’s practice email etiquette: Etiquette Tips from US News & World Report. (The article is dated; the advice is not.)
  • Once you’ve completed the above steps and completed registration for the course website, post “Done” as a reply to assignment. (If you haven’t registered yet for our site, look for an email from our WordPress website system – probably “” – inviting you to register.) You’ll need to actually be logged into the course site in order to post a “reply” to this page. (Don’t freak out or spend gobs of time if something goes wrong on this last piece; we’ll sort out glitches in Week 2.)

What You’ll Demonstrate

  • Ability to create a Google Doc and share it with others. (Critical for course work this term, and just good for life.)
  • Ability to email in a professional way. (Critical skill. Trust me.)
  • Awareness of digital identity. (Important.)
  • Ability to login to website for course and post a comment. (Critical skill.)
  • Quick Youtube video share. (We all need to know this!)

I’ll use our work here to populate our Students page for the course.