Great Beyond Class Activity – 10/5!

We’ve met Cathleen Miller. We’ve learned a bit about archives. Here’s a great opportunity to leave your mark (ok, your voice) for others who come to UNE years (decades even) after you.

Go, record your story at the story booth, write it up with a selfie as a blog post on your ePortfolio. This counts as an academic or as an “other” extracurricular!

Record your story for yourself on your phone while they record you for the archive! It could be useful in our final project, and it won’t cost you a nickel.

Each of us has to do 10 of these kinds of things. Have fun, tell your story, earn the 2000 Points!

Beyond Class (Academic) – Center for Global Humanities

Monday, September 26, Portland Campus.

If you’re bothered (or intrigued) by the ways the US and other countries seem to be dividing on a range of dimensions, consider a road trip to hear Musa al-Gharbi speak.

Document your attendance with a selfie and make a Post on your ePortfolio for Academic Beyond Class credit. Remember to add that “FYS110” category to the post – and to email Cripps with the link!