This blogsite is the website for LIL 120 A, Introductory Arts and Humanities Seminar, Fall 2022.. It is for both the instructor and the students in the class. It is updated regularly to reflect upcoming assignments and communication on the platform.

The header graphic is a photo of some low plants growing amid the grasses on the Biddeford Campus taken in Summer 2022.

The photo was taken with the camera on my Google Pixel phone. The colors serve as the color palette for the site theme.

This website is running on WordPress 6.0.2 as part of a Network installation of WordPress. 

I highly recommend the Network installation of WP for those individuals who might want to run multiple sites under a single installation. It really cuts down on the admin associated with updating sites as new versions of the platform and plugins become available.

What’s the strongest case for a WordPress-built course site? WordPress powers more than 30% (yes, one in three!) of the world’s websites. We’re not using some obscure backwater tool like, umm… No comment.

While I can guarantee that your employer won’t ask you to use that tool that starts with the second letter in the alphabet (either the compound word ending with “board” or “space”) to help manage the website where you eventually work, there’s a one-in-three chance that your employer will ask you to use WordPress!

I’m running a lightly modified child version of the twenty-seventeen theme. (Looks like I’ve grown a bit lazy. It happens.)