High School vs. College Writing – Check it out!

The University of Chicago’s Writing Program has a very nice web resource on Writing in College  that helps students start to understand the ways that writing expectations in college are different from those in high school. I highly recommend giving it a read, particularly part 1 on “some crucial differences.”

In brief, part 1 offers students some guidance on the following issues:

  • Argument. A Key Feature of College Writing
  • Interpreting Assignments
  • What’s Your Point?
  • Finding/Building a Good Point

In our class, I do want you to make arguments, to support them with evidence from the texts, and to build good points by bringing texts together in interesting, productive ways. Even our blogs should have our viewpoint.  Stand up, speak out!

Most of us have done a little writing in college at this point, and we’ll be doing more.  I’m interested in your thoughts on Williams and McEnerney’s guide.


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