3 Animation Videos – An Overview

I experimented with a simple flash-based animation tool in my writing classes last year. (Check out some student animations and my reflections on the experience here and here.)

After seeing what students did on an optional side assignment, I decided that this technology can play an important role in my English Composition sections. This term we’ll use Xtranormal to create 3 animation videos over the term.

The tool is easy to use, so don’t let the words “video” and “animation” scare you.

A Video Introduction to the Three Animations (informative and humorous)

A Textual Introduction to the Three Animations (informative, but less humorous)

  1. The first animation is a collaborative project designed to help get us comfortable with the tool and to get us thinking hard about putting texts into conversation. We’ll be doing this hard thinking in our homework and in our drafts for paper one. The first assignment gets us working to bring that work to an animated video.
  2. The second animation is an individual animation that requires us to take paper two and remediate the ideas in it. ┬áThis means we’ll re-package our argument and ideas from paper two in a new medium. We’ll take our printed academic papers and package the ideas as a flash animation. Think of it as the same as the first video, only you’ll be more comfortable with your ideas and with the software tool.
  3. The third animation is another collaborative project that requires us to select some element of writing (a grammar or spelling issue, stylistic component, or even a research tip or tidbit) and present it as an animation.


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