This blogsite is the website for ENG 110 C, English Composition. It is for both the instructor and the students in the class. The site is updated regularly to reflect upcoming assignments, and communication on the platform. Students subscribing to the RSS feed for the site can get notices when things are added/updated.

About the Site

This website is running on WordPress 3 as part of a Network installation of WordPress. I highly recommend the Network installation of WP for those individuals who might want to run multiple sites under a single installation. It really cuts down on the admin associated with updating sites as new versions of the platform and plugins become available.

I’m running with a modified child version of the default twentyeleven theme introduced in, you guessed it, 2011. Some “genius” decided that it would be good idea to drop sidebars from pages in that theme, and I almost ditched the theme after spending a couple hours spent tweaking the child theme and php files resulted in a total mess.

But the web is a wonderful place. Ohad Raz, a WordPress Consultant and Developer, helped me out by providing some clear resolution in a July blog post.

I’m still not liking the 400px height on the branding area of the site, including that gigantic header graphic. What happened to the days when a 100px high header image was considered too large because it ate up too much real estate above the fold? But I can’t complain all that much since I could roll up my sleeves and modify that height. (Laziness on my part? Perhaps.)

The header graphic is a photo of our backyard pond. It was taken on January 3, 2012, a relatively balmy day for the season. The pond is frozen over, but the water on the rocks is clearly above freezing.