Blog Project Criteria

The blog project is a fairly straightforward digital writing project.  You choose a topic that interests you, blog regularly on the topic, and practice working in the blog writing genre.

The Real Incentive: Get selected as a Blog of Note (Blogger) or Freshly Pressed (WordPress) and you earn an automatic “A” on the blog project! (Yes, you still have to blog for the rest of the term.)

They pick your blog and you’ve made it! You get to put that honor on your resume and call yourself a blogger.

The Three Rules for Us

  1. You must blog at least once each week during the term, starting with Week 2 (13 posts, minimum).
  2. Blog posts must engage your blog’s “topic” and must work within the blog genre (see readings and Blog Evaluation Rubric).
  3. You must explore (and exploit!) the features of the blog software (templates, images, links, etc.)

Distilling the Blog Genre (at least for us)

Write for a Reason (Bernstein) – Is there a clearly discernible topic or theme?

  • Do we see the topic/theme in the name of the blog?
  • Do we see the topic/theme explored in the content of individual posts?
  • Are you articulating a perspective or viewpoint? (Bernstein’s “Stand up/Speak out”)
  • Are you offering something new and telling a story, or are we mostly seeing recycled/repackaged content? (Candy)

Be Sexy (Bernstein) – Are you adding your personality or yourself to the posts? (Bernstein)

  • Are you amusing your readers and/or letting the story unfold?

Visual/Textual Integration

  • Do the template and color choices for the blog fit with the content or the blog topic? (Bernstein’s point about Write Tight; Candy’s point about Background contrast)
  • Are you using visual layout to lighten the textual weight of the written words? (Candy)
    • Do videos on the blog make sense given the topic/theme?
    • Do the pictures (Candy) included make sense for the topic/theme?
    • Is there a blogroll with links to blogs containing related content? (Bernstein’s Friends & Enemies)
    • Is there a linklist to useful related resources?
    • Etc.

Making Friends, Finding Enemies, Connecting with the Living Web (Bernstein)

  • Are you connecting with the blogosphere via a blogroll, linklist, or in other ways that demonstrate your work to make friends and find enemies?
  • Are people commenting on your blog? (This is the hard part, so work at it!)
  • Are you connecting with other content, and crediting your sources?
  • Are you writing regularly (weekly), or are your posts published at erratic times? (Bernstein & Candy)

Mechanical Matters

  • Are you using descriptive headlines, headers, and subheaders?
  • Are you spell checking and watching punctuation (Candy)
  • Are you using lists, using bold and italics in appropriate ways, reading for clarity, and considering your options as a writer? (Candy)
  • Are you using whitespace, paragraph breaks, and other tools to make your posts scannable? (Candy)
  • Are you telling a story of sorts and letting it unfold? (Bernstein & Candy)

Relax, Have Fun, Amuse Readers

  • Are you relaxing, having fun, and amusing your readers, perhaps by breaking some of the “rules” at times? (Bernstein)
  • This is your blog. Run with it!

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