Comments on Denise Brennan’s Talk

Due: April 25

Your Task

If you didn’t ask a question at the talk, share a 200-word comment on Brennan’s talk and the Q&A that followed it. What engaged you? What didn’t? What do you wish you’d seen/heard? What surprised you? The field is open.

I was there. I know who asked questions.

4 thoughts on “Comments on Denise Brennan’s Talk

  1. I thought it was really interesting when she was talking about how the women in California have these groups where they make sure everyone knows their rights. They seem to work together in these situations of trafficking. I wish she could have talked more about what she meant about how trafficking problems is like the next civil right movement I didn’t understand why she thought that and would to have liked to learn her reasonings for thinking so. I thought her talk was the most interesting in my eyes because of the stories of these real women that she discussed it’s almost like we could actually learn, understand and connect with what she was saying.

  2. I found it very interesting how involved she is in migration and trafficking. I like how she goes to protests and rallies for these issues and she cares a lot about it. It always makes listening to someone talk more interesting when you know they are helping something they believe in strongly. Also, I liked how she used examples of the women. Although, I didn’t like how for most of the talk she read from a paper. I would have liked to hear things come from her personal words than what she had written and edited. I had some difficulty really connecting and understanding to what she was discussing and I think it was because of this. It surprised me the way she answered her questions. She directed the answers back towards you and really tried to make you think about it, which can be interesting yet intimidating.

  3. In Brennan’s talk I found it really interesting how invested she was in to her work. It was amazing how she would travel the world do research her topics and make sure she got a true experience of what she was researching. I was impressed with all her knowledge about trade in other countries and America. Another thing I found interesting about Brennan was how she answered the questions that were given to her at the end of her lecture. She would put them back on the person who asked so they could think about it more and see it from their point of view. I was surprised on how involved she was with helping the issues that she talks about in her text, I was very impressed by her.

  4. I found her talk to be difficult to stay engaged with because of it was more of her reading from a book than her speaking on her ideas and thoughts about trafficking. The stories did help put her work into context buy using the examples of the people. She was extremely into her work with the migrant workers and I think is something that will put her ahead of other writers writing about the same topic. I thought it was interesting how she is going to be taking her class to a rally at the Supreme Court about Arizona migration laws. This just shows her passion for what she does and made her talk interesting because you could tell the dedication she had towards it. Even when she was answering questions she turned questions back onto that person so they could understand it more and were able to comprehend it more.

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