Portfolio Reflection

Due: May 7 (Final Exam Day)

Hand in this assignment as part of your portfolio/folder for the course.

Your Task

  • Assemble all formal writing for the term (first and final drafts of papers 1, 2, 3, and of the contextual summary) into a portfolio. This is a folder or an envelope containing your work; it need not be fancy. Be sure to provide the versions marked by Cripps. I will add your final draft of paper 3 and your contextual summary.
  • Complete and include the Final Folder Checklist (ENG 110) to ensure that you have all materials in your folder.
  • Write a 750-word (about 3 pages, typed, double-spaced) reflection that addresses the following questions:
  • How has your writing developed over the term? Where, specifically do you see this development across your papers? (You might locate the development in a comparison between drafts or papers.) Your writing is your evidence. Use it.
  • What elements of the writing process have been most useful (and/or least useful) for you this term? (Reading questions, peer review, drafting, revision planning, final proofreading, etc.) Explain.
  • Are there specific elements of the writing process that you plan to use when you have papers in other courses? Why?

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