The Center for Literacy Studies has two missions, and each mission culminates in the publication of a book.

We will publish two books in this course. As a component of each mission, every member of the think tank will have the opportunity to contribute a chapter and participate in the publishing process.

Mission I (January 23-March 8): Get the Mission I Prompt

A donor, recognizing the importance of reading and writing skills for a twenty-first century workforce in a knowledge economy, has tasked us with writing an edited collection (book) that examines the ways that college freshmen understand their reading and writing experiences.

Mission II (March 27-May 3): Get the Mission IIa Prompt ; Get the Mission IIb Prompt

Mission II Alternate Path: Write 2 shorter papers.

The class schedule is organized in a way that leads us through completion of these two missions, and all updates will appear on the course website schedule.

The process-oriented nature of the course allows for a flexibility in specific activities in order to tailor activities our specific needs. Smaller, homework assignments will be added as we move through the term.

CHECK THE SCHEDULE REGULARLY! Consider it your reference guide, touchstone, treasure map, or whatever metaphor you prefer.

This is a writing class. Expect to have both a reading and a writing assignment for each class meeting.

Week 1 – Introductions

JANUARY 18 – Introductions & Getting Started

  • Who are we, and what are we doing here?
  • For Next Class
    • Complete Homework Assignment for January 23
    • Get 3 Readings from Library Reserve (front desk): Kara Poe Alexander, “Success, Victims, and Prodigies”; Deborah Brandt, “Sponsors of Literacy”; and Bronwyn Williams, “Heroes, Rebels, and Victims”
    • By 1/20, sign up for SAS 011: Writing Lab –  Earn up to 5000 Engagement XP bonus! ( 2000 XPs for S in SAS 011 at midterm; 3000 XPs for B, B+, A-, or A in SAS 011 at final)


Week 2 – Joining the Literacy Studies Think Tank

JANUARY 23 – Syllabus Overview & Literacy Narrative Categories

JANUARY 25 – Asking Questions of Literacy Narratives

Week 3 – A Think Tank Thinks by Collaborating

JANUARY 30 – Crowdsourcing the Data – Categories & Questions

February 1- Testing Our Preliminary Work

Week 4 – Sharing Paragraphs & Mission I Chapter Contribution; Working on Drafts

February 6- Barclay’s Formula & Ideas for Projects

February 8 – Summary, Paraphrase, and Ideas

Week 5 – Paper 1 Due!

FEBRUARY 13 – Mission I – Paper Draft Due!

FEBRUARY 15 – Peer Review, Mission I

Week 6 – Literacy Narrative Analyses, Continued

FEBRUARY 20 – Discussing Samples & Revision Plans


Week 7 – Complicating Literacy Narrative Analyses

FEBRUARY 27 – Coordination, Subordination, and Complication

  • Reviewing Compound and Complex Sentences
  • Workshop on Coordination/Subordination
  • For Next Class

MARCH 1 – Paper Due!

Week 8 – Literacy Narrative Analyses Really Due!

MARCH 6 – Integrating Quotes Effectively; Revising Introductions

MARCH 8 – Paper 1 Due!

  • Paper 1 Due! (Share as Google Doc)
  • Begin Self Evaluation and Framing Statement Work
  • For Next Class
    • Submit Attendance for 3/8 | Submit if Notable Contributor | Nominate Helping Hand Peer
    • Complete Homework Assignment for March 20
    • NOTE: Your ONLY ACTUAL WRITTEN WORK over break is the beginning of the Framing and Self Evaluation of the Literacy Narrative Analysis Project. After break, we will take up a “Chosen Discourse Analysis” project, which gives you a choice of a Discourse to analyze. You should think about some Discourses you might want to analyze. Please bring a list of 2-4 possibilities to class on March 20.

Week 9 – Spring Break!



Week 10 – Chosen Discourse Project

MARCH 20 – Framing Learning in Project One

MARCH 22 – Building Tasks, Discourse Choices, and Artifacts

Week 11 – Analyzing Your Discourse I

MARCH 27 – Sharing Artifacts and Evidence in Sample Discourse

MARCH 29 – Pushing Gee and Artifacts Together in Analysis

  • Claim Attendance XPs (if you’re in class)
  • Discuss POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE PATH – **Class decided to pursue the Alternative Path and not take on the Chosen Discourse Analysis Project**
  • Work on one or another path
  • For Next Class

Week 12 – On the Alternate Path – And/But/Or

APRIL 3 – AND/BUT/OR and Feminism

APRIL 5 – And/But/Or Feminism

Week 13 – Peer Review and Revising

APRIL 10 – Peer Review Discussion

APRIL 12 – Workshopping Quote Integration and Foregrounding Claims (Where’s Claimdo?)

Week 14 – Project IIa to Project IIb

APRIL 17 – Project IIa Due; In-class MLA Documentation

APRIL 19 – Discuss “On Revising” and “Revising Your Writing Again?”

Week 15 – Peer Review, Project IIa

APRIL 24 – Peer Review

APRIL 26 – Sample Paragraphs

Week 16 – ePortfolio Work

MAY 1 – Project IIb Due. ePortfolio Framing Begins.

MAY 3 – Wrapping up ePortfolio and ENG 123

Week 17 – Final Exams! (Conferences)