Welcome to ENG 123! Read me, please.

Welcome to English 123, the game edition! I’m really excited about the ways I’ve worked to change evaluation in the class, to reorient individual sessions to focus more attention on learning to earn, and to create real writing projects in the class. I hope you’ll be pretty excited as well!

Please start off on the right foot by doing the homework well in advance of our second class meeting to enable us to sort out any (and I mean any!) technology challenges you confront. We need to have some Google Docs familiarity, the ability to get into and do work in our ePortfolios, and the ability to login to the class website. If we don’t sort that out by the start of our second class, we’ll be a bit behind the eight ball, as it were.

To signal that you’re ready to rock ‘n roll on the tech, wrap up that part of your homework for 1/23 by making a comment on this post. Just post “done,” and I’ll know you’ve touched the tech bases for now.

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