Arts and Humanities Internships

You’ve found the website for Spring 2024 Arts and Humanities Internship courses. Students enrolled in internships in Art, Communications, English, History, or Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities take this course as part of their internship.

What to Look For

  • Syllabus Page – Outlines the basics of the course, including the description, learning outcomes, key assignments and the grade breakdown, in addition to policies regarding student support, absences, etc. The content is important and should be read early on and reviewed periodically, particularly if a student is confused about a possible policy or assignment.
  • Schedule Page – The meat and potatoes of the course site. The Schedule is where a student will see what’s due for a given day, whether we meet in a particular week, etc. I think of it as the single most valuable part of the website because it has the info one needs each week.
  • Students Page – We’ll build this out a bit in time.
  • About Page – Just a brief bit about the course site.

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