Professor: Michael J. Cripps, Ph.D.
Course: Wednesdays, 9:30-10:50 AM, in addition to Internship Site Work
Meeting Location: Marcil 317
Office: Marcil 116
Office Hours: Monday 11-12; Wed 2-3; Thurs 11-12; 1-2 – or by appointment (please ask!)

This course is a cross-listed or combined course that brings together students enrolled in the following internship courses: ART 401 ; CMM 430; ENG 491; ENG 492; HIS 420; LIL 495.

Course Description

An internship is a high impact learning experience where knowledge and theory from students’ program of study are integrated with shadowing, volunteering, or paid employment with a private company, not-for-profit organization or government agency toward the intentional development of transferable knowledge, skills and abilities and practical application of professional competencies. The semester prior to the internship, Academic and Career Advising Center staff assist students with preparing their application materials and searching and applying for English Studies related internships within the local community, stateside or abroad, as well as in defining learning objectives, educational and career goals, and professional deliverables to be met throughout the course of training and practice. During the semester of the internship course, under the mentorship of a dedicated professional who has the education and/or background and expertise of the students’ discipline of study, students immerse in a remote, hybrid or in-person professional setting. Through guidance, support and regular feedback from the mentor and the internship course instructor, students strive to satisfactorily learn and practice their internship position and achieve their learning objectives. Students follow a course curriculum including: 40 contact hours at the host site per credit hour registered; participation in classes, meetings or workshops as scheduled by the course instructor; timely completion of homework assignments in support of student learning outcomes, professional readiness and career exploration; and end of semester evaluations. Internships culminate in a letter grade determined by the above criteria. Written pre-approval of the internship by the course instructor and Academic Director is required.
3.000 TO 9.000 Credit hours

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Internship the student will:

  • Develop or enhance their understanding of an organization’s structure, behavior, communications, management style, and performance expectations in a professional position related to a particular field.
  • Experience or observe at least one role in a professional organizational setting in order to:
    • Enhance the learning experience beyond that provided in their coursework.
    • Develop or refine, and apply professionalism, work ethics, and communications skills.
    • Possess enhanced problem-solving abilities.
    • Possess improved critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate academic, personal, and professional learning through work and requirements determined by the faculty supervisor.
  • Demonstrate and document that they have considered, critiqued, evaluated, tested, inquired, and performed, and subsequently learned from the internship position through work and requirements determined by the faculty supervisor.
  • Summarize the internship experience, learning and outcomes through the completion of an internship self-evaluation.
  • Reflect upon the perception of a professional within their discipline who critiques their knowledge, skills and personal growth attained through the receipt and review of a supervisor’s evaluation.


  • Registration for the appropriate internship course, section and credit hours (via U-Online or petition).
  • Written Approval from the Department Chair prior to the start of the internship semester or site hours.
  • Commitment to complete a minimum of 40 contact hours for each credit hour registered, for a minimum of 120 contact hours/three credits.
  • Commitment to the successful completion of the requirements determined by the faculty supervisor.
  • Commitment to the host site requirements and expectations as outlined in the Academic Learning Agreement.

Grade Breakdown (including major assignments)

  • Attendance & Engagement – 35,000 Points
    • 12,500 points allocated to attendance at bi-weekly on-campus class sessions (2500 points per class session. (Up to 5000 attendance bonus points available.)
    • 2500 engagement points based on active participation in bi-weekly on-campus class sessions (allocated by Cripps at the end of term).
    • 20,000 points allocated based on site supervisor evaluation regarding your timeliness, active engagement, and attendance
  • Weekly Audio Reflections – 20,000 Points
    • We have 12 weekly audio reflection assignments, with the first one due in Week 3
    • Each Audio Reflection is worth 2000 Points. (Up to 4000 audio journal reflection bonus points available.
  • Bi-weekly Evidence of Internship Work – artifacts, photos, descriptions of projects, work logs, etc. – 20,000 Points
    • We meet 7 times including finals week, but only 6 meetings occur after your first internship day(s). Each Evidence of Work Post is worth 4000 Points. (Up to 4000 Evidence of Work bonus points available.)
  • My Internship Story Podcast Project – 15,000 Points
    • Cripps will share specifications, but audio reflections will form the foundation for the story.
  • ePortfolio – 10,000 Points

NOTE: Internships require completion of 40 site contact hours per credit, or 120 hours for a 3-credit course. You must complete at least 90% of the Internship Site hours and maintain professional conduct while at the host site in order to be eligible to pass the course. Site supervisor reports determine eligibility to pass.