First Video Conferences – Wednesday & Thursday

We will attempt a writing group video conference for each of our writing groups, Apollo and Dionysus. Apollo: Wednesday, 3:15-4PM (Nicholas, Patrick, Ian, Renee) Dionysus: Thursday, 1:30-2:15PM (Carson, Shelby, Mike, Albert)

What We'll Do

  • I'll initiate a Google Hangout with the members of the group.
  • Members should get that invitation by being logged into their Google accounts. I think this will … Continue Reading ››

Writing Group Assignments! Apollo and Dionysus

I have almost everyone's conferencing availability, at least to the extent that we can tell our schedules at this point. Based on what I have, I'm proposing the following writing groups.


  • Nicholas
  • Patrick
  • Ian
  • Renee


  • Carson
  • Shelby
  • Mike
  • Albert
First Step: Head over to the Students page (top navigation) and check out your peers. Consider this our "introduction" to each other.

The Plan

Your peer writing … Continue Reading ››