Important: Writing Group Assignments! Check ’em out

I have almost everyone’s conferencing availability, which is great. Based on what I have, I’m creating the following writing groups.


  • Maggie
  • Abby
  • Meghan


  • Jackie
  • Sydney
  • Phi
  • Elianna


  • Sarah
  • Aubrie
  • Desirae

I do need to add at least one more person to the list!

First Step: Post a reply below to confirm that this works for you.

Second Step: Head over to the Students page (top navigation) and check out your peers. Consider this our “introduction” to each other.

The Plan

Your peer writing group is a stable group that will participate in your relevant discussion board (Apollo, Dionysus, or Hermes) to explore ideas, share challenges, answer questions, etc. Find your discussion board right up in the navigation bar, under “Discussion Boards.”

This group will also work together on peer review of paper drafts, so you know the people with whom you’ll be sharing your first draft of Paper 1 (by 11:59 PM on Monday).

And, in a grand experiment for me this summer, we’ll attempt one weekly, 45-minute group video conference via Google Hangouts. (This didn’t work out so well last summer because some people just never joined the conferences. On the upside, the conferences we did have were great!)

Apollo Hangout: Wednesday, May 27, 10-10:45 AM

Dionysus Hangout: Wednesday, 9-9:45 PM (for a couple weeks, then 4-4:45PM)

Hermes Hangout: Wednesday, 7:15-8 PM

8 thoughts on “Important: Writing Group Assignments! Check ’em out”

  1. Hi,

    I actually work at 10am on Wednesday (Apollo group). My schedule changes every week so there will never be a set time when I am free.


    1. This is an asynchronous course, so I can’t really lock anyone in and force the video conference. What I’ll do is offer a conference time that works with your schedule each week! I’ve done this before, and it works just fine! You’ll still be in your writing group, doing work on the discussion board and completing peer review.

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