Reminder for June 3 & 4 – Conferences (and Gradebook)

We started video conferences last week. There were some hiccups, as is typical, but I hope you’ll agree that we did some good work over those meetings.

Our next round of conferences takes place on Wednesday, June 3, and Thursday, June 4:

  • Apollo Hangout: Wednesday, May 27, 10-10:45 AM
  • Dionysius Hangout I: Wednesday, 9-9:45 PM
  • Dionysius Hangout II: Thursday, 9-9:45 PM
  • Hermes Hangout: Wednesday, 7:15-8 PM

As before, I’ll run these as Google Hangouts. I’ll open a video hangout a few minutes before the conference start time and invite group members to join it (through your UNE email account).

I have two specific goals for these conferences:

  1. Discussion of the Medium project, with particular emphasis on any challenges you’re facing;
  2. Discussion of Gladwell and Poe, the texts that form the basis for the next paper.

With the exception of paper grades, I expect to have the gradebook updated before noon on Wednesday. (Papers will likely be graded by Wednesday night.)

Kindly post a comment if you cannot make your group’s scheduled conference!