Conferences for June 10 & 11

I want to remind everyone that we are going to use just the Dionysus Discussion Board for the discussion board homework from here on out. I think this will help people get more feedback. The homework assignments will clearly indicate this location for discussion, but I’m just reminding everyone.

Conferences are optional, of course. But I really like the opportunity to have the interaction. I get to hear your thoughts on your work, and you get to ask questions.

As we did the last week that first drafts had been handed in, we’ll spend some time talking through parts of your drafts.

  • Apollo Hangout: Wednesday, 10-10:45 AM (Abby, Maggie, Meghan)
  • Dionysius Hangout I: Wednesday, 9-9:45 PM (Sydney, Phi, Jackie)
  • Dionysius Hangout II: Thursday, 9-9:45 PM (Sydney, Phi, Jackie)
  • Hermes Hangout: Wednesday, 7:15-8 PM (Sarah & Aubrie)

In preparation for the conference, please be thinking about which part(s) of your draft you’d like us to talk about. These are group conferences, so there a real learning opportunity for everyone involved. By signing on with a clear sense of what you want to get feedback on, we’ll have the best chance of having a productive conference.

NOTE TO DIONYSUS peer group members (Sydney, Phi, Jackie): I’d like for us to move to a single conference time for the group. If I recall, there was a provisional effort to conference in the late afternoon on Wednesday or Thursday.

Kindly post a reply letting me know if you’ll make the conference.

2 thoughts on “Conferences for June 10 & 11”

  1. I won’t be able to make the Wednesday group, but I can make it to the Thursday one.

  2. I won’t be able to make any of the meetings this week because I have to work overtime.

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