Conferences, June 17 & 18

Conferences are optional, of course. But I really like the opportunity to have the interaction. I get to hear your thoughts on your work, and you get to ask questions.

This week, our focus will be on Carr and/or  remediations of Paper 2. Of course, we can also discuss whatever issues interest you.

  • Apollo Hangout: Wednesday, 10-10:45 AM (Abby, Maggie, Meghan)
  • Dionysius Hangout I: Wednesday, 9-9:45 PM (Sydney, Phi, Jackie)
  • Dionysius Hangout II: Thursday, 9-9:45 PM (Sydney, Phi, Jackie)
  • Hermes Hangout: Wednesday, 7:15-8 PM (Sarah & Aubrie)

Please make a comment below if you will not attend one of the conferences.