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My name is Sarah Libby. I am a Medical Biology major with a minor in Applied Mathematics. I am currently on the Pre-Physician Assistant track, but I have recently decided to switch to the Pre-Medical track. I am a research assistant for Ganter Institute, a neurogenetics fly lab, and I will be working on my research this summer. I am the president and founder of UNEkulele and a TEDxUNE organizer. I enjoy music, languages, and travel. This is my first college level online class.

Reading and Annotating Poe Assignment – Sarah


I find that reading with colored highlighters helps me compartmentalize information. I highlighted all “They Say/I Say” phrases using orange and phrases that interest me in pink. Before, I couldn’t remember how phrases made me feel or think. The entire paper blended together and I found myself skimming through most of it.  I feel like I understand Poe better after going through and annotating for his view on the subject.