8 thoughts on “Guide to Peer Review Assignment”

  1. My high school experience with peer editing was just like most. Mostly proofreading and validation to make sure there were no typos. We never looked to see the main point that the author was making, and we did not highlight them and make sure they knew why those were main points. I remember all of us just saying things like “good job, just make these few adjustments” or “add this here and there and you’ll be good.” It was not like the guide given to us, it was less in depth.

  2. My high school experience consisted of checking for typos or misplaced punctuation. We were never looking for misunderstandings when trying to figure out the main point of the essay. I think the most common phrase throughout peer reviewing essays was I loved this sentence or nice vocab. My high school experience was obviously lacking in the peer reviewing.

  3. My high school experiences with proofreading are similar to the others posted – just checking over papers to make sure they were free from grammatical errors and typos, maybe rearranging some sentences so they fit better within the essays, but never going further than that. I feel like this was due to a lack of instruction from the teachers but also because of students not feeling confident enough in their abilities to be able to criticize someone else’s writing. One thing I did learn that’s helpful with the flow of a paper is to not only have someone else read it but to also read it out loud. This allows you to really hear the words and how they work together.

  4. Proofreading for me in High School was a very simple task. We typically chose our partners so we would go with our friends and help them with grammar and sentence structure. Even though it was our friend’s papers we still did not feel confident to really criticize someone else’s paper so we spun everything positively. My sister however is an English major and was attending college while I was in high school so she would help me and she would peer edit and proof read my papers a lot. Something she always reccommended was to read out loud what you were writing.

  5. Proofreading in high school consisted of checking for typos and correct sentence structure. We usually chose our own partners, but even so I never felt fully comfortable criticizing someone else’s paper. It was also difficult to know what to look for other than the typos. Judging the themes and meanings was a challenge because most of the time it was that person’s opinion. There was a lack of instruction as to how we should have approached another person’s paper. The revision was not very in depth, it was mostly surface things.

  6. I didn’t have many projects that required peer review in high school. The ones that did need peer review were in my creative writing class. We used peer review frequently in that class. We would check for spelling errors, incorrect formatting and make suggestions that would help the writing flow more smoothly.

  7. My high school experience was just like it is mentioned above in the beginning, where the comments were mostly just about grammar and formatting rather than getting me thinking about expanding certain ideas. I actually really didn’t like when I got back my paper after several peer reviewers had it and there were only surface-level mistakes mentioned rather than helping me reform my thoughts and ideas into a better way of presenting them. Whenever I asked my teacher to review my essay, he/she would point out things like my essay being too choppy and not flowing well, or told me I needed more analyzing of my quotes, or said I had too much of a quote, which I appreciated because I knew those corrections would really help my paper. However, it was always rare to find that in a peer review session.

  8. My experiences with peer review have not been positive. In high school, peers would briefly skim a paper for spelling and grammar. I completely agree that it was about proofreading and validation. I think the students in my class didn’t care to improve their writing, so they were just going through the motions. In one class, my review buddy would read my paper then base their paper off what I said and almost copy it verbatim.

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