This blogsite is the course site for ENG 304 O1, Reading and Writing in Digital Environments – Online, in Summer I 2018. It is for both the instructor and the students in the class. The site is updated regularly to reflect upcoming assignments and communication on the platform.

The header image for the site is a photo from my front yard and taken with a Google Pixel. It is very lightly edited in Photoshop, with the addition of the text and an outer glow effect to help the dark color of the type show up in both the dark and light areas of the photo.

The website is running on WordPress 4.9.6 as part of a Network installation of WordPress. I highly recommend the Network installation of WP for those individuals who might want to run multiple sites under a single installation. It really cuts down on the admin associated with updating sites as new versions of the platform and plugins become available.

I’m running with a lightly modified child version of the new twenty-sixteen theme introduced in 2016. (Call me outdated if you want. I don’t really care.)