test embed image via gdrive

First Path – Image is in Google Drive. I’ve set sharing permissions to viewable if user has the link. (Using this tutorial:https://youtu.be/s336AarjfLk)

Google Drive gives me this URL:

I delete the bolded stuff in the url.

Using the tutorial, I created this url:

NOTICE that uc?id= REPLACES file/d/, AND I have deleted the /view?usp=sharing from that original URL

THEN I used the “Add Media” > Insert from URL to put that modified url in. Voila!

Second Path – Using Google Photos as the host, and using “Add Media” > Insert from URL to get it in the page. (using this tutorial: https://youtu.be/tk57rNzrYbY)

AND Here’s Renee’s meme embedded using the first path: