Quick Reminder/Help – DS106 Toolbox!

Some of us are reporting difficulty figuring out how to take on some DS106 projects (memes, for example).

In the right sidebar of the site, there’s a link to a toolkit of resources. There are lots of ways to do many of the creative activities in DS106. I encourage you to try some tools, find ones that work well for you, and expand your repertoire over the term.

GIF Run, for example, is a quick, easy way to grab a Youtube video, trim it down to a tiny clip, add text, and create an animated GIF. There are tools like that for images/text (ie memes).

I’ve grouped the toolkit resources into sections based on common goals/activities.

DS106 Third WEB Assignment: “Remix Guinness Book of World Records”



Goats are absolutely one of my favorite animals. If I had enough land, money, and time, I would raise baby goats! I also love yoga so this was the perfect record to remix. Instead of humans doing yoga with goats, I remixed it to have goats instructing humans! Funny right. Overall this was a pretty cool assignment, coding can be fun!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

DS106 Assignment Week 6: “Digital Story Complication”

Create a video compilation of some of your favorite things you’ve made in ds106.

Here are some of my favorite DS106 assignments mashed up into a video using iMovie. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed reviewing this content! This file was too long to upload and for twitter so I uploaded onto Youtube!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Where’s Ry?

For my DS106 assignment I decided to photoshop myself into a picture of Woodstock. The first reason I did this was because I knew that it would be easier to find a picture with a large crowd. I also chose it because I think it was a really interesting event. At first I was having a hard time with this assignment because I was trying to photoshop just my face on to one of the people already in the picture. This just ended up looking like the regular picture but with my head floating somewhere in the background. I decided to include a photo where I could use my entire upper body and this ended up looking a lot better. The apps I used to edit this photo were called Bazaart and VSCO.


Remix of Guinness World Record Book



This was an interesting assignment. I think the most difficult aspect was trying to choose a record to remix! I spent most of my time just trying to find a record that I wanted to use. At first, I was going to use a human-based record, but I decided not to because I came across this sheep! As soon as I saw this it reminded me of a big cotton ball. It also made me kind of sad too, because who knows how long it has been since this sheep had a haircut. I can imagine that the extra weight from the wool has been uncomfortable and not very good for its health. I really like that this assignment included the coding aspect. I loved being able to apply what I learned to create a new product.


Digital Story Compilation

Featured in this video are some of my favorite DS106 assignments. I used iMovie to make this and then unloaded it to Youtube to post it here, which did not work! The video format was not supported, most likely because the file was too large, but I was able to unload it to Twitter and share it this way!


The Forest Gump Project

For this assignment, I decided to include myself in an image of a BLM protest in L.A. Due to work and having family members that are immunocompromised I have not been able to attend any protests, although I would love to attend one.

I have never actually worked with the cut-out aspect in photoshop before, so I am glad this was included in this assignment. I am pretty impressed with the final product! If I did not know who I was, I am not sure I would be able to tell the difference in these two images!


We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch

At first I was not sure what direction I wanted to go in for this assignment. I started making a collage with some of my close friends, but then I decided to make one with my family instead.

Lola is my mother’s family name, which is where I got “The Lola Bunch” from. All of the grandkids pictured above my younger brother, niece, and I do not actually have the family’s last name. My brother and I have our father’s which is Veal and my niece also has her father’s which is Lacoote.

Top Left: Pictured here is my uncle Joseph, my mother’s younger brother

Top Middle: This is my mother!

Top Right: Pictured here is both of my grandparents, which breaks the one box per person, but my grandfather does not like taking pictures, so I had to really DIG for any picture with him.

Botton Left: This is my aunt, which is my ‘nieces’ mother.

Bottom Middle: Pictured here is my younger brother, although he looks like a giant!

Bottom Right: This is my niece! She’s technically not my niece, but I call her that anyway.

I really liked this assignment. Instead of using a website, I decided to use the app PicCollage on my phone, which was easy to use. The app itself is not free though, which is why you see the ugly watermark. The one complaint I would make about this app is that it does not allow you to choose how many boxes you would like, instead, you have to choose a pre-made template.

‘Back in the day’, I made collages all the time for friends for Facebook. You would post a status “Like my status for a collage” or something along those lines and you would then attempt to make one for every individual who liked you post. I am not entirely sure when this trend started, but that was the thing. I was always that person who would do every single one and I remember spending so much time on them!


Turn a GIF into a FIG

Animated GIF

As soon as I read the description for this assignment I knew exactly what video I wanted to use. Above is 16 year old Jaiden attempting to make funny content for Snapchat. After dinner, my friend and I were on our way back to the dorms (I went to a boarding high school) and we saw this pile of boxes. I do not really remember who came up with the idea for this original video, but we went through with it anyways.

The theme for this snap was “going through life like” and then you will see me trip on the boxes. This video was actually staged and I had no intention of actually tripping, but I did and luckily I caught myself before I fell! We definitely had a good laugh after this.

Creating the actual GIF was not difficult, but I also run into the issue of embedding this GIF into WordPress. I tried quite a few different ways but had no luck. I actually ended up copying the image on GIPHY and pasting it here on WordPress, which seemed to work.

After watching the GIF in reverse mode a few times, I still think the normal one is better so I will include that too.

Animated GIF


What They Might Have Done in Social Media

For this assignment, I chose to represent George Washington Carver on the social media platforms – Fakebook and Twister.

George Washington Carver was an agricultural scientist who invented hundreds of different products using peanuts. Carver was born a slave just one year before slavery was outlawed. At a young age, Carver left home to attend college at Iowa State University where we earned a master’s in agricultural science

Black inventors have been overlooked in history and even in current times, which is why my focus was on Carver. An interesting fact that I did not know is, although Carver invented hundreds of products using peanuts like milk, Worcestershire sauce, punches, cooking oil, etc. BUT NOT PEANUT BUTTER. This was something I actually did not know!

Creating this assignment was pretty simple. I thought the Fakebook portion of this assignment would be more difficult, but everything was user-friendly and easy to follow. When I went to add Carver’s information in, his profile picture came up, so I did not have to add that. When I went in to add his ‘friends’ I chose other black inventors. All of the profiles I chose of men came up with their corresponding images, but not the women…which I thought was interesting. I did have a formatting issue with the cover photo at first because I used a normal image, but I was able to quickly resolve this.

I had trouble embedding both the Fakebook and Twister, so I included a screenshot of the Twister page and the link below to the Fakebook.

Fakebook Link: https://www.classtools.net/FB/1767-3HViCY


Daily Create #tdc3090

I made this using canva.com, one of my favorite technology tools. This is one of my favorite quotes inspired by the Buddha. I chose to add this background because it reminds me of peace and tranquility. I think this quote goes well with treating people with kindness. We all have the ability to make an impact in someone’s life. We never truly know what the person next to us is going through, so it’s important to just be as kind as we can be!


DS106 Week 5: Second IMAGES “We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch”

Let me introduce you to my “crazy” group of friends. I thought it would be interesting to do the Brady Bunch assignment. We are all a great group of girls who all bring something different to the table. The two girls at the top, in the middle and to the right, are my best friends from high school. I have known the girl in the top middle square since my junior year of high school and the girl at the right top has been one of my close friends since we were 14. The other girls I met my freshman year of college. Next, in the top left corner is my friend Jeanna. She was roommates with my sister freshman year and we have been best friends since. In the middle row is me and then Monica, followed by Cerina, Alyssa, and Clara in the last row.

We are one fun, crazy group but these are my closest friends and I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls.



This is the only plant I have around my room, it was a peony from our garden outside. They are my favorite kind of flower, but unfortunately I don’t have much of a green thumb so it died rather quickly.

I have always been really bad at properly maintaining flowers, or any plant life really. I’m the kind of person that can kill a succulent. Oops. So I don’t often have plant life in my room, but even dried out I think the peony still looks rather pretty?

Daily Create #tdc3089

This is my clock. It sits in our living room as a statement piece, but I’ve never seen it accurately show the right time. This clock has been in my house for over 20 years. It’s something I know we have, but I rarely look at it. We don’t have many clocks in our house. We have the one as shown, the one on the stove and the one on the microwave. I realized that because of technology, it’s easier to just look at our phones. When I am in the kitchen cooking or passing by, it’s nice to be able to glare over to see the time especially if I don’t have my phone on me.

I remember my grandmother had two large clocks in her house. One was a grandfather clock, the other was on the wall. At every hour it would sing a song. I can still hear it in the back of my head. It lets me relive positive memories at my grandmother’s house when I was younger.


Daily Create #tdc3088

Well it’s come to this point now. I don’t want to say this will be my final Daily Create but it sure has been fun making all these cool creations! I’ve learned a lot. I’m glad to have today’s prompt as it’s somewhat silly and easy to capture. I’m not that Earthy and don’t host that many plants in my room. I’ve actually been trying to keep up with gardening recently and have focused my green thumb in that area instead.

I’ve actually been sharing all my cool creations with my parents as we’ve all been living together. My mom’s an Art teacher and has been really interested in the ds106 content. I’m hoping that I can get her hooked so she could incorporate some of the prompts in her classes. As well as keep me up to date with the current ds106 news. Otherwise, I just wanted to say that I’m very grateful for this class and the wealth of knowledge it’s provided. I’ll be sure to promote this course in the future.


ds106 – Digital Story Compilation

Hey guys! Above is my video compilation with most of my ds106 assignments. I had some trouble including the Color Walk Assignment but I probably could have recovered it more easily from Google Drive. Unsure. It’s really weird to finally be tackling this assignment as it sort of puts a close on the course and our wonderful class. It was fun reliving all the past assignments and all the processes I used to complete them. In the end, I made my video into a “Top 10” but it’s meant to go in chronological order with the rest of the assignments.

For this video, I utilized MovieMaker, a free program offered on PC systems. After organizing all my previous ds106 assignments, I only had to add each of the files to the program. I cut most of the clips to around 3-5 seconds to control the overall length. I made the initial title card in Word and took a screenshot to convert it more easily to an image before transitioning it into the video. I had a fun time completing this assignment and hope I can continue to practice similar creativity in the future. I hope you enjoy!


CodeAcademy work complete

Learned a lot of basic website structure code; Under the html format’s css code can be used to describe the language of the code document for color and fonts. Learning these basic coding technique’s is essential to website creation as 95% of domains are created and customized for user satisfaction.