Daily Create #tdc3450

For this daily create we had to pick a word and create some kind of art related to it. I recently got a rabbit and he was next to me when I was doing this assignment so I picked that as my word. My rabbit seems like an adventurous guy so I decided to draw him as an astronaut. I gave him a suit and Easter egg spaceship for his trip to get the carrot in space. On his suit, RASA is a spoof on NASA and stands for Rabbit Aeronautics and Space Administration. I added Earth and Saturn in the background to help clarify what was happening.

I drew this with a pencil and paper. I wasn’t quite sure how to draw stars with a white background so I drew planets instead. The hardest part was trying to draw a helmet on a rabbit. I don’t know where the ears go.


Forest Gump Project

For this assignment we had to place ourselves in a historic photo. I chose to place myself in a picture of Tom Brady and Julien Edelman celebrating after beating the Rams in the Superbowl. When I was trying to think of what photo I wanted to put myself in I immediately thought of historic photos taken in sports. When I was looking through some of them I saw this one and thought it would be perfect because I have always wanted to meet Julien Edelman and Tom Brady. Now I could have a photo celebrating with them after the Superbowl. I look a bit out of place with a Wisconsin Badgers hat on but it least I am on the field.

To put myself in the photo I used photoshop. I have minimal experience with photoshop so it took me a while to layer the photos and try to blend my face in as much as possible. I tried adjusting the brightness and contrast of the photo and played around with the shadows. I also used the history paintbrush to fix any stray pixels around my face. I did not do a very good job but for a beginner I will take it. I got my image from https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/02/super-bowl-awards-tom-brady which was an article written after the Superbowl victory.


The Forrest Gump Project

The original photo is from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvA0J_2ZpIQ

I used the website BeFunky to make this possible. I wanted to mix it up a little by adding my mom and sister to the image instead of myself. The photo I used is one that I took of my mom and sister when they were comparing their heights. I wasn’t exactly sure what historical event I wanted to add them to but my first thoughts were Abraham Lincoln. So I typed that into Google and decided to look at images and see which one “called” to me. An image of Abraham Lincoln doing Gettysburg’s Address is what I decided to do. I always liked hearing about Lincoln’s history and I guess that is the little history geek I have inside me.


Ds106 Video Assignment


Attached is the link to my power point about the 5 different DS106 works I decided to choose. I put my voice in all of the power points to explain the three questions I wanted to talk about. This assignment was fun especially looking back a the work we did and trying to decide which ones to post. I think making the power point and voice recording over the slides was pretty easy. I mean I actually think that this was the first voice recording I have done and didn’t sound nervous. I definitely think that taking this class and writing a lot more has helped me a lot with the way I talk. I am super excited that over the last 6 weeks I have seen myself grow and also learned a lot of new tools with technology.


Daily Create #tdc3450

Today was a bit of a fun one but also weird. It was weird that I got the word range this morning while I had already planned on going to the golf range with grandfather. I like spending time with my grandparents whenever I can because they are getting older and I want to spend time with them while I still can. I also love playing golf and my grandfather has been playing for like 40 years so he has a lot of pointers to give to me especially since I’m just starting to pick it up. I’m trying to get him to take me to play at the course soon cause I want to play with him more and more.


DS106 “Turning a GIF into a Fig”

This assignment required me to take some cool video and turn it into a GIF then make it into a FIG. Which basically just means a GIF in reverse! I had so many videos to look through but they all looked weird when I put them into reverse, not what I was looking for.

Until I found this older video of my roommates dog who apparently love tail chasing. She spent about a solid 40 mins running in circles with her tail in her mouth, tell me how that makes sense? She was so unfazed by all the people in the room or how many tables or chairs she was bumping into in the process, she was determined. Ive personally never owned a dog who enjoyed chasing their tales but I was so enjoying watching the dumbness floating around the room.

I guess this just proves you can’t be a wallflower.


#tdc3450 random art

For today’s Daily Create we were asked to find a random word and make art of it. When I did this assignment I got the word game, now at first, I was thinking I could draw a board game, or something revolving around a game. Then after a few ideas, I realized that I did have a picture of me in a soccer game. I thought I could use this to demonstrate random art. Especially because when it comes to the word game everyone might have a different image of it. I thought this picture for the word really represented what I wanted to do for this assignment.


DS106 “The Forest Gump Project”

Okay before you say anything yes, yes I do know this might be the worst editing job ever but It was SO hard. My picture blending skills obviously has some room for improvment. I gave it the most effort and this is what It looks like… like come on its not even that bad?!

For this assignment, we we required to photo shop ourselves into a historic picture. I was doing some surfing on the web and came across this picture. This would SO have been me no joke. Obviously, the original image is the town punishing someone for a unknown crime. Like they always would do back then, making it public I mean, and yeah what was with everyone wanting to kill everyone in terrible ways back then? This would of been me because I take after my parents I am very loud and won’t take much from people. On that note, I would be the person being killed for most likely just for putting my nose where it shouldn’t be.

Hey, atleast I’m going out with a rocking body, like look at me.


Daily Create #tdc3450

For this Daily Create, I used the random word generator they suggested, but rather than just seeing one word at a time, I chose to see a bunch of words at the same time. In doing this, I saw the word “fold” and remembered seeing “paper” further up on the page, so I decided to try out some Origami. I wanted to make the famous crane that I think is synonymous with Origami, but the only pretty piece of paper I had near me was a standard-sized sticky note, which meant I had to make my crane very tiny. I actually had my little sister guide me through the folding process because she makes them all the time and can do it without even paying attention to it. Meanwhile, even though I’ve made a few Origami cranes in my life, it’s been quite some time. It was so fun to sit at the kitchen table after we got home from work to just make paper cranes and talk about our day. When I finished my crane, I decided to put a reference object next to it so you could see exactly how small it is. That’s why there’s a Lifesaver candy in the photo, but also, I was snacking on them while I waited for dinner. I really liked how relaxing it was to participate in today’s prompt.


Daily Create #tdc3449

This is something I think about every day. I seriously could spend hours on the internet, looking through images that could create my dream life. If I ever win the lottery, expect to never see me again. I will be living at this beach house. How amazing would it be to wake up to this every morning, have some fruit, drink my coffee, go for a swim… The fact that this isn’t my life is slighty depressing. Slighty.

I am only kidding. I feel very lucky and grateful for the life I have. I have a job, an education, and loving and supportive family, and so many other things that I bet many people would think of as their dream life. It is always good to remember what you have.

However, it is fun to dream! This assignment made me realize how many people’s dreams are tied to homes. So many people posted their dream house, so it shows how important and impactful the environment you live in is. Pretty crazy!